EMR Optimization Through Data Analytics

"We translate SQL to TPO."

You've invested millions in the deployment of EHR technology. The rocking of the boat is slowly coming under control. You've got the basics covered; your MU and quality metrics spit out like clockwork. But now, where do you go? Still have a lot of processes on the old cow path? Want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your clinical and adminsitrative (research? and educational?) processes? What kind of other information can you extract from your system to change behavior and steer the boat in new directions?

We can help in the following ways:

  • Advanced, custom, database queries to explore your data
  • Design and develop dashboards with actionable information
  • Document workflows and measure performance
  • Guide EHR interventions to advance change
  • Measure the effect of EHR interventions
  • Translate clinician needs into informatics action
  • Integration and interoperability with third party systems
  • Data warehouse development and exploitation
  • Custom and specialized informatics projects and team development